Filip Aerts

Interim Marketing Manager & Consultant

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A commercial Internet pioneer since 1994, I founded one of the first e-marketing and online communication agencies in Belgium upon my graduation in 1996: Artcom. After 6 years of steady growth and hard work as one of its Partners, I looked forward to a new challenge in 2002 and I sold my share.
At that time, my company was developing successful online b2b and b2c marketing campaigns, e-commerce and corporate identity projects for clients such as Sony PlayStation, Virgin Express, Toyota (Europe), Opel, Hitachi etc. in Belgium and the Netherlands, and for several international clients across the European Union.

I joined Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (now Pfizer) in April 2002 and developed a profound experience with commercial strategy in pharma, integrating e-marketing with many successful initiatives. End of 2004, I took charge of the newly formed “Integrated Business Technologies” department as a Director and member of the Executive Committee.
In this role, I combined setting the digital-commercial direction and leadership of the integrated IT and E-business teams (9 people) with a broader role as member of the executive team with an active involvement in developing the mid-term/long-term business plans, and the overall strategic direction of the Belgian operating company.

I envisaged an international role in (digital) marketing to be my “next step”, and in July 2009 I moved to GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals as the new global digital marketing lead.
In charge of the global digital strategy and the conception, development and implementation of digital activities for GSK’s vaccines globally, my team’s digital offering ranged from “traditional” web-based campaigns through engagement via social media to the delivery of mobile applications and central services to markets.

In 2011, I left the pharmaceutical industry for Teleroute, leading freight exchange in the road transport services sector and part of Wolters Kluwer, to head up the pan-European marketing organization as its Chief Marketing Officer.
My responsibilities spanned marketing/communications, pricing strategy, branding, PR, product marketing, market intelligence and market research, with a team of 13 people balanced between the head office in Brussels and regional offices.
As Teleroute is a b2b e-commerce business with a strong b2c marketing dimension, the role converged experience acquired in different disciplines in previous roles into one.

End of 2012, I have taken on additional responsibility as Marketing Director of Wolters Kluwer Transport Services.
I took a voluntary leave from Teleroute and WKTS in October 2013.

And now, I have started a new life as an interim manager and freelance consultant.